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Applied Vision Increases Latin American Support
Two new offices established to directly serve Mexico and Central/South America.
View from the Board
The need to innovate and pre-empt market demands is the key to growth in the canmaking industry, says Amir Novini, President & CEO, Applied Vision Corporation. Article reprint from The Canmaker; December 2013.
Cyclops Q&A
Product engineer Brian Baird addresses the flexibility offered by Applied Vision's new stand-alone inspection unit. Article reprint from The Canmaker; December 2011.
The Power of One
With the pace of change in the computer technology sector, inspection systems for canmakers must evolve and take advantage of processing power, says Amir Novini, President & CEO, Applied Vision Corporation. Article reprint from The Canmaker, December 2011.
Business Spotlight: Building Beyond Tomorrow
Propelled by a spirit of innovation spanning more than three decades, Applied Vision today continues to set the global standard for inspection solutions for canmakers worldwide.
Link to CanmakingNews; December 2011.
Applied Vision Expands Headquarters
Applied Vision is set to significantly expand the size of its world headquarters in Akron, Ohio. The addition will increase manufacturing capacity while making room for continued growth in research and development, engineering and application testing. Link to CanTech Online; August 2011.
Crown Teams Up With Applied Vision
Leading can maker Crown Holdings has selected Applied Vision to update three of its North American beverage can and end plants with inspection systems. Link to CanTech International; July 2011.
Applied Vision Inspection Systems for Three US Plants
Applied Vision Corporation is to update three of Crown Holdings, Inc’s. North American beverage can and end plants with advanced converted end, inside can and mixed label inspection systems on more than 40 production lanes. Link to Canmaking News; July 2011.
Vision of the Future
Multi-lane inspection system installations are made less expensive and easier to install and maintain with the latest innovation from Applied Vision, a camera system with a self-contained processor and housing. Article reprint from The Canmaker; June 2011.
Fully Automated Entire Label Color Decoration Inspection System
The KromaKing DecoScan system inspects the entire label decoration of two-piece beverage cans (8 to 24 oz.). Typically installed after the deco oven, it replaces manual operator inspection stations and is capable of inspecting ten cans per minute for color shifts, ink smears, mis-registration, missing text and spatial and pattern defects. Link to Machine Vision Online; June 2011.
New DecoScan Outside-Can Color Inspection System
Applied Vision has released its fully automated KromaKing DecoScan outside-can inspection system. It enables canmakers to convert manual operator colour decoration inspection stations to automated centres of greater productivity and profitability. Link to imveurope; June 2011.
Applied Vision Unveils Self-Contained Cyclops System
Applied Vision has unveiled its new Cyclops inspection system at Metpack 2011. The new system features one camera and can be used across a can line rather than at the end of one. Link to CanTech International; May 2011.
Cyclops Takes Inline Vision Inspection to the Next Level
Gone are the days of miles of costly wiring and trunking with a revolutionary new level in visual line checking from Applied Vision. Kept strictly under wraps before Metpack, Applied Vision's new Cyclops system looks to offer huge savings for clients. Link to Canmaking News; May 2011.
Can-Pack Group Selects KromaKing
Beverage can manufacturer Can-Pack Group has implemented Applied Vision's KromaKing color vision solution for inspection of can ends at its factory in Brzesko, Poland. Link to imveurope; March 2011.
Checking Colour On Cans
Amir Novini, president and CEO of Applied Vision Corporation, looks at colorimetric technology for can makers. Article reprint from CanTech International; March/April 2011.
Industry-first inspection system for foil membrane ends from Applied Vision
A leading packaging solutions company recently approached Applied Vision with the idea of developing a faster, more accurate means by which to inspect foil ends for defects. Article reprint from CanTech International; January/February 2011.
Identify Damaged Slip Sheets to Prevent Jams
An inspection system for detecting damaged slip sheets, said to be the first of its kind for the industry, has been developed by Applied Vision and Sardee Industries. Article reprint from The Canmaker; January 2011.
Applied Vision Exceeds 2010 Forecast by 35%
Applied Vision Corp. (Akron, OH, USA), which provides machine-vision inspection systems for the container manufacturing industry, has announced 2010 earnings exceeding the company's original forecast by 35%, marking the end of a record fiscal year entering 2011. Link to Vision Systems Design; January 2011.
View from the Board
With fillers now enforcing strict colour compliance, canmakers need to assess the available tools to make the right choices for their operation, says Amir Novini, President & CEO, Applied Vision Corporation. Article reprint from The Canmaker; December 2010.
Industry-First Slip Sheet Inspection
Applied Vision and Sardee have engineered an industry-first vision inspection system for identifying physical damage to plastic slip sheets used in the material handling of food and beverage containers. Link to Advanced Imaging Pro; December 2010.
New Office in Dubai
"Our pledge is to provide optimal pre- and post-sale support, no matter where the customer is located," said Bud Patel, vice president of sales for Applied Vision. "With nearly 20 global locations including Dubai, Applied Vision is deeply committed to exceptional service at the local level. When necessary, we can dispatch a service engineer to the customer's facility within hours." Link to imveurope; September 2010.
Keeping Tabs on Beverages
Beverage companies are turning to complex colors and decorations to make their cans more marketable. Applied Vision engineers KromaKing colorimetric tools to provide full coverage measurements. Link to Beverage Industry; July 2010.
Colorimetric Tools for Canmakers
By investing tens-of-thousands of hours in research and development, Applied Vision has designed intuitive camera-based tools for making color measurement and decoration inspection easy for canmakers – technology that can result in smaller HFI piles and larger profit margins. Link to Machine Vision Online; July 2010.
Color Measurement the Easy Way
It has long been difficult to measure color accurately and consistently because of the inherent limitations of the human eye and photo-sensor/spectrophotometer-based devices. Camera-based KromaKing colorimetric tools, however, can measure color with the near accuracy of a spectrophotometer and – unlike these devices – can also register patterns, interpret process colors, image cylindrical shiny surfaces and provide a wholistic view of cans for the purpose of making simultaneous measurements in multiple regions of interest. Link to INSPECT; May 2010.
Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid
No matter the path, neglecting to address any of several key areas typically results in a vision inspection system that cannot perform as needed, or cannot perform efficiently. Here are six key mistakes to avoid, each in the context of three implementation paths. Link to Vision & Sensors; March 2010.
Three Promoted to Leadership Positions
In light of its continued growth, Applied Vision has promoted three staff members to new leadership roles. Jerry Shaffer has been named vice president of customer service, Brian Baird has been appointed director of product marketing and Paul Stephan has assumed the role of director of software engineering. Link to Quality Magazine; February 2010.
Complete Package
Applied Vision has installed a newly-developed vision inspection system for peelable membrane ends at U.S. end-maker Sonoco Phoenix. Article reprint from The Canmaker; December 2009.
View from the Board
New projects and expansions globally should give the canmaking industry cause for optimism amidst difficult economic conditions, says Amir Novini, President & CEO, Applied Vision Corporation. Article reprint from The Canmaker; October 2009.
Close Scrutiny
Manufacturing screw-threads into the necks of aluminum bottles is a challenge and requires sophisticated inspection systems, explains Amir Novini, President & CEO, Applied Vision Corporation. Article reprint from The Canmaker; September 2009.
Economical Inspection Solutions in Challenging Times
The current economic downturn has posed a number of challenges to canmakers, including the problem of affording regular inspection system upgrades to meet the latest quality standards. The following article outlines Applied Vision's unique equipment upgrade programs offering container manufacturers new cost-effective options for acquiring cutting-edge inspection technologies. Article reprint from The Canmaker March 2009.
An Inspector Calls
When canmaker Swan Industries has vision limitation problems, intelligent inspection technologies offer a solution. This article features an overview of Applied Vision's work with Swan on lower sidewall inspection as well as an in-depth look at the need for intelligent inspection – encompassing both quick detection and actionable process feedback – in the container manufacturing industry. Article reprint from CanTech January/February 2009.
Beat Lighting Problems of Beaded End Inspection
When inspecting food cans, the beading on can ends creates areas of light and dark which often prove problematic to inspection systems searching for defects such as scratches, coating voids, dents and foreign contaminants. This article showcases Applied Vision's new Feature Suppression Technology which employs sophisticated shading correction software to allow the entire beaded surface to be inspected as a whole. Article reprint from The Canmaker January 2009.
Machine vision now – and what to expect
Beyond mere inspection devices, today's integrated systems are on the verge of watching, sensing and simplifying even more. This article features Amir Novini's industry expert commentary on how far machine vision technology has come and where it's headed next. Article reprint from The Canmaker November 2008.
Machine Vision Advances Benefit Motion Applications
Machine vision systems are playing an increasingly important role in many industrial applications, whether it is counting parts on an assembly line or examining container surfaces for defects. This article quotes Amir Novini and other machine vision/motion control experts on the state of the industry today and what the future holds for a broad range of manufacturers. Article reprint from NASA Tech Briefs August 2008.
Finding The Right Inspector
Finding the right visual inspection system is key to canmaking operations. This article outlines the criteria you need to consider when evaluating different technologies. Article reprint from CanTech January 2008.
Applied Vision's exclusive in-line VTRAC™ Technology pinpoints machines causing container defects
A breakthrough development in machine vision technology now enables container manufacturers to correct the source of a defect trend earlier and faster than ever previously possible. VTRAC™ intelligent machine software by Applied Vision Company delivers the advantage exclusively as an enhancement in the company's Genius® and KromaKing® inspection systems. Article reprint from Machine Vision Online May 2007.
Vision inspection: A closer eye on can inspection
Vision-inspection systems at DS Containers, Batavia, IL, ensure that the plant's unique two-piece, polymer-coated steel cans are perfect. Six systems inspect cans and bottom domes. Article reprint from Packaging Digest March 2007.
Quality Test & Inspection: Machine Vision Achieves More
Machine vision systems achieve more of what manufacturers need now. Article reprint from Quality Magazine February 13, 2007.
Genius in a bottle
The range of Genius vision systems by Applied Vision has expanded to inspect the curl on aluminum beverage bottles. Article reprint from The Canmaker January 2007.